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Mattmann Audit & Finance

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We take care of our customers' concerns. With a focus on efficiency and transparent communication, we are the ideal partner for all your business concerns. From tax advice, accounting, payroll, audits or company start-ups, we offer you everything you can expect from a fiduciary. Our concern is that you can concentrate on the essentials. We take care of everything else for you.

Why Mattmann?

The search for the right trustee has come to an end. Heiko Mattmann is the specialist in finance for all of you who...

01 Digital

...benefit from technological progress and also want to work with their trustee in digital form.

02 Efficiency

...advocate efficient (financial) processes with a high degree of automation and do not want to receive the annual financial statements from the trustee at the very last minute. from the trustee.

03 Focus

...want a trustee who is also well connected in the start-up landscape and understands the special needs & challenges of growth companies.

04 Data-driven

...would like to have up-to-date data at all times and gain further insights from their company data & website using Power BI.

05 Quality

...would prefer to have their work done by an expert instead of an inexperienced assistant, without having to go through a financial crisis straight away.

06 Tech-savvy

...would like to have a specialist at their side who doesn't just understand terms like cryptocurrency and blockchain and who doesn't immediately sweat abbreviations like SaaS or API.


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Fiduciary Support


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from CHF 1500* annual

* We would be happy to discuss pricing by telephone.


from CHF 0* one-time

* When taking out an accounting subscription

* Excl. notary & HR fees



About me

My name is Heiko Mattmann and I am a passionate trustee and tax optimiser. Since completing my commercial apprenticeship, I have been able to continuously expand my knowledge in the field of accounting, taxes & auditing thanks to various jobs. After completing my vocational baccalaureate, I spent over 3 years in a local fiduciary office. Right from the start, I liked the subject so much that I knew that sooner or later I would set up a trust company myself. With this goal in mind, I immediately enrolled for a business administration degree with a specialisation in accounting, controlling and auditing at the ZHAW. However, as I had "only" been familiar with the fiduciary business until then, I wanted to broaden my horizons and gained instructive experience in international auditing companies, which gave me a new perspective on the figures. Finally, I took up a challenging position in controlling, where I was able to learn the financial planning & financial management of a company. The continuous optimisation of my clients' finances fascinates me and spurs me on every day to achieve above-average results. For a successful joint cooperation, however, the offene communication between my client and me is paramount. Because this is the only way to create the basis for trust, which in turn leads to success on both sides.


Mattmann Audit & Finance GmbH
Heiko Mattmann
+41 79 462 32 62

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Excellent quality accounting - with Bexio

Whether you want us to take care of all financial matters for you or whether you prefer to handle the day-to-day business yourself. The Bexio accounting software offers you the optimal solution.
You would like to do your accounting yourself, but prefer another software such as Banana or Infoniqa (Sage)? No problem, we will support you with the setup of your chosen software, help you with the annual accounts or spontaneously if problems arise.

From data to insights - with MS Power BI

Businesses today are inundated with information - information that some ignore to the detriment of their business. But data-driven companies know how important it is to collect and analyse these gold treasures.
The goal of data analytics is for companies to gain actionable insights from big data. These insights can help make decisions, solve problems, understand customer needs and identify future trends.
We are happy to connect you to various data sources in Power BI and create a dashboard tailored to your needs so that you have quick and easy access to the most important figures in the area of finance, sales & marketing.

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